Colin Woodard's current speaking and event schedule is
listed here. If you wish to schedule an event with him,
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Lobster Coast event. The past, present,
and future of coastal Maine, including
the fall and rise of the lobster fishery.
Ocean's End event . Why the world's
oceans are being destroyed and what
people can do about it.
Republic of Pirates event . The true
story of the pirates of the Caribbean.
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Colin discusses Republic
of Pirates on NPR's
Weekend Edition
American Nations event . Beyond red
states and blue -- the history of North
America's Eleven Rival Regional
Colin discusses
American Nations on
PBS News Hour  
2014 Event Schedule:
January 26, Carlisle Reads 2014;  Carlisle, Massachusetts

2pm -  Lecture, Corey Auditorium, Gleason Public Library.
January 23 Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State
University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

5:30pm -  Reception and Lecture
February 4,Outlook in the States & Localities 2014
Conference; Governing Institute; Washington, D.C.

4:30pm -  Keynote; National Press Club.
February 27,Tufts University Alumni Association and the
University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine

7pm -  Lecture; Glickman Family Library; USM.
April 25, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio

2pm -  2014 McConnell Lecture
November 11,  Simpson College Iowa History Center and
the World of Words Festival, Indianola, Iowa

7 pm -  Lecture; Kent Campus Center, Hubbell Hall. Free and
April 2, Governing Michigan Leadership Forum; Governing
Institute; Lansing, Michigan

Noon -  Keynote. Lansing Center. Invite only.
April 17, Governing Maryland Leadership Forum; Governing
Institute; Hyattsville, Maryland

2pm -  Keynote; College Park Marriott Inn, University of
Maryland University Center
July 14, Smithsonian Associates, Washington, D.C.

6.45-8.45 pm - Evening Seminar: "The Real Blackbeard"
June 8, Council on Foundations 2014 Annual Conference,
Washington, D.C.

11 am-  Opening Plenary, Washington Hilton. Invite only.
May 21, Governing Georgia Leadership Forum; Governing
Institute; Atlanta, Georgia

2.30-  Keynote
May 1, Maine Docents Program graduation ceremony;
Maine Historical Society; Portland, Maine

Noon-  Graduation address
June 25, Village University, Concord, Massachusetts

5.30 pm - Lecture and signing, Concord Free Public Library,
Main Street. Free and open to the public.
August 19, Cafe Scientifique, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean
Sciences, Boothbay, Maine.

6-7 pm - 40 years of discovery and what lies ahead; Joint
presentation with Bigelow Executive Director Graham
Shimmield. Free and public.
July 22, Stonecoast Writers Conference, Freeport, Maine

2-5 pm - Lecture and reading. Registration required.
September 11,  Tennessee Public Health Association 2014
Conference, Franklin, Tennessee

1:30 pm -  Keynote; Cool Springs Marriott; Invite only.
October 25,  Atlantic Dialogues 2014, German Marshall
Fund of the United States, Marrakesh, Morroco

Afternoon -  Panelist, "“De-Coding America: How America's
Regions View the World”. Invite only
September 3,  Liberal Arts in the Digital Age; Thornton
Academy; Saco, Maine

12:30 pm - Speaker.
October 16, "Unsettled" launch party; Maine Today Media;
Portland, Maine

Evening -  Reading and Q&A on newly launched ebook
edition of the
29-part Portland Press Herald series. Invite
October 7, Merriconeag Waldorf School; New Gloucester,

12:30-  Lecture on journalism, writing, and the applied
liberal arts.
November 13,  Letterpress Books, Portland, Maine

6:30 pm - Talk, book club Q&A, and signing, 91 Auburn
Street (Northgate Plaza). Free, but RSVP.
December 2, Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick,  Maine

5 to 7 pm - "Conversations at Curtis" event; Q&A, and
signing, Morrill Meeting Room, 23 Pleasant Street. Invite